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. . . beautifully evoked sense of place, poetic descriptions, a complex, layered story and an impressionistic light touch – Amazon Top 1000 reviewer Vine Voice

Read the first two pages and see what you think. In two pages we already know these guys, know that we're in the hands of real writer, and want to see how the story plays out – Frank Green, founder of The Bard Society, Jacksonville’s Much Ado About Books, and North Florida Writers

The plot unfolds in layered worlds of relentless struggle -- to get ahead, stay even, or cut one’s losses -- because gentrification and development have bypassed Ocean Park

. . . amoral local cops, high-handed state cops, crime bosses, corrupt politicians, erotic adventurers, sexual predators, wholesome family men, spiritually enlightened holy figures, religious hustlers, and a host of innocent bystanders -  Amazon Review

. . . superb metaphors and similes. . . Ocean Park is a terrific read, murder, police procedure, unfaithful wives, Asian organized crime, and child slavery .. excellent – Steve Kerry Brown, author of The Idiot’s Guide to Private Investigation and Redeeming the Dead

. . . well-paced action and crisp dialogue. Plot elements that are surprising yet plausible. Highly recommended. – Rick Maloy, winner of the First Coast Writers Festival Short Story Contest and author of Replacement Children


. . . so descriptive I could picture everything from the cold wind to the depressed areas in the book. I love his writing style and metaphors which increased my visualization of the scenes. He really captured the character of the area and the people. If you like crime/mystery novels you will like this book. – Amazon Review